TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3

Mfr Catalog # (old/new) C50-1841011 / 2438A001


EOS (All) <--|--> TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3 <--|--> Connecting Cord 300
                                            |--> Connecting Cord 60

Battery: CR2025

The TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3 permits TTL multiple off-camera flash photography. This adapter should be used in conjuction with EOS Connecting Cord 300 (# 2388A001 ) or Connecting Cord 60 (# 2387A001 ) and Off-Camera Shoe Adapter OA-2 (# 2447A001 ) or TTL Distributor (# 2431A001 ).
The EOS multi-flash setup starts with either the TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 2 (HSA2) or TTL Hot Shoe Adapter 3 (HSA3).  The HSA 2 and HSA 3 both function the same with EOS cameras, but the HSA 3 has a hot shoe locking pin on its foot and a locking pin hole on its shoe. A speedlite can be mounted on the Hot Shoe Adapter (which itself is mounted on the camera's hot shoe) and a connecting cord (60 or 300) can be connected to the front. The original TTL Hot Shoe Adapter (no numeric designation) was designed for the T90.  It works with EOS cameras with good results.

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